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The Power of Good Advice

In Partnership with NeoEra Legal

To bring you the best possible tax preparation service, we have partnered with NeoEra Legal, a Minnesota law firm that trains our employees on tax law, oversees tax preparation, and offers guidance on tough legal questions.

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Why Hire Us

Tax Experts

Our team is trained by the attorneys of NeoEra Legal. We know the actual tax law and can help you when others can't. When we encounter a novel challenge, we have a legal team we go to who will do the research and will find the best solution without it costing you anything. 


We explain your tax return to you, so you understand why you're getting a refund or why you owe tax, what kind of tax, and how you can minimize it in the future. With us, tax planning is possible.


Our team speaks three languages: Spanish, English, and Russian. We hire a diverse team to help a diverse population.


We take the time to understand your unique situation and actually help. Having trouble getting your W2? We can assist. Don't understand your IRS letter? We can explain. With us, you're never alone.

Our offices are open all year long. We can help you with any tax or business situation no matter the time of the year. We don't ignore calls or leave you to handle the IRS on your own. We are your partner through and through.

Open Year Round

If your tax preparer refuses to help you or won't return your calls, we can help. We assist with audits, amendments, payments, and understanding government letters no matter where or who prepared your original return.

What Our Clients Say

“I loved the service. Inna took her time to explain the process to me and clarify some things I didn't understand. I will definitely be back next year!"


“You guys were a huge relief preparing my taxes. I'm so lucky to have you guys. I will continue to have you guys prepare my taxes every year. I wish I would've known about you guys before."


“Thanks to Mi Reembolso for giving me the confidence to make my taxes. I will continue to do my taxes with you."


Ready for Better Service?
We'd love to help you!

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