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Can I apply for an ITIN online?

The quick answer is no.

The IRS is still old school and requires all ITIN applications to be mailed. However, they are currently working on modernizing the system, so hopefully in the future, people will be able to submit their ITIN applications electronically like they can their tax returns.

In the meantime, be cautious of websites that promise an online ITIN application. Most of these websites do not assist you in filling out the W7 application. They just ask you the same questions that the form does, make you fill it out yourself, charge you money, and then give you a pdf version to print. You are then still responsible for preparing your tax return, ensuring the form is correctly filled out, and submitting original documents to the IRS.

If you want professionals to help you fill out and submit your ITIN application (from tax preparation to document authentication), then consider hiring a Certifying Acceptance Agent instead of trusting a random website online.

As Certifying Acceptance Agents, we ensure that your tax return, application, and documents are correct, so that you are approved for an ITIN. With the IRS taking over 4 months to process ITIN applications right now, last thing you want to do is submit multiple applications because yours gets rejected due to error.

If you want professional help with your application, call us at (612) 440-3988.

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