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Starting a Business

Business Registration

We assist clients in registering their business with the Secretary of State, Internal Revenue Service, Minnesota Department of Revenue, Department of Labor, and more.

Business Plan Creation

We help clients create realistic yet ambitious business plans using market data, research, and our experience. We also help existing businesses revise their plans to foster growth.

Business Education

We educate our clients on their tax responsibilities, business strategies, budgeting, lean practices, and more.

Running a Business


We manage books for clients so that they always know the company's financial health and don't need to stress.

Tax Compliance

We help clients be compliant with all federal, state, and local tax requirements throughout the year.


We run payroll for clients, making it easier for them to pay employees, withhold tax, and comply with the law.

Business Consulting

We advise clients on how to grow their business, run a lean operation, increase sales, and increase profits.

Financial Analysis

We analyze our clients' financial books and guide them on making good decisions for their business.

Problem Solving

We assist clients in solving various problems that they may face be it simple or complex.

Closing a Business

Business Valuation

We help clients finalize all of their books so that the owners know the exact value of the business. This way they can know how to price their company, divide assets, and pay taxes.

Tax Finalization

We prepare and file the company's final tax return, making sure everything is accounted for and there are no problems in the future.

Official Termination

We assist clients in closing out all of their open accounts including filing business terminations with the Secretary of State and canceling their EINs and other tax identification numbers.

Need Business Help?

Send us an email detailing your business needs and we will get back to you with a proposal or an invitation to a free consultation!

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